Frequently Asked Questions

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What is natural color?

Natural color is the shade of our unprocessed human hair. Meaning a natural off black or 1b, this hair has not been chemically dyed or processed and is in it’s natural state unless otherwise stated. (Pre-dyed or altered hair)

How many packs of hair do I need?

You will need at least 1 bundle of hair for a partial weave, and 3-4 bundles of hair for a full weave. How full you want your weave plays a part in the bundle amount needed. It’s always best to bring at least 2 bundles of hair with you, or ask your stylist for detailed information. Bundles are calculated in ounces. You can save what you do not use, so don’t panic if you do not use all your hair in one install.  Just keep in mind, for fuller looks woman typically use 3 bundles of hair which equals 12 ounces of hair.

(One bundle = 4-5 ounces of hair)

How long will my hair last?

Our quality guarantee is that your hair will last 2 years+ with the proper maintenance and care.

How long does it take to get a weave installed?

1-2 hours for bonded weaves. 2-4 hours for sew in weaves. This process can include any curling or styling.

How long can I leave my weave in?

Normally 6 to 8 weeks is recommended if you are trying to grow your natural hair. The max is 4 months, if you have a full weave, the weave may still look good, but your hair underneath. Hair texture can inhibit your hair to either stay up longer than the recommended time frame or it’ll need to be taken out sooner. Women with thicker hair can go the max of 4 months, where as women with silky/fine hair can go half the amount of time. Matting, tangling, and dreading can occur, this can lead to hair loss in result of leaving your weave in too long.

Should I oil or moisturize my hair and scalp under my weave?

I recommend a easy to drop serum or a natural oil (coconut, olive) as a hair moister and scalp conditioner. You can use any oil you should use an oil bottle with a nozzle on it so you can get in between the tracks.

What do “no part closure” “middle part closure”and “three part closure”mean?

No part closure means the closure is free parting and you can part your hair anywhere by yourself.

Middle part closure means the closure is with a visible middle parting that is already in place

Three part closure means the closure is with visible middle parting, left parting and right parting that is made in advance, but you can switch parting

What is a hair closure/frontal?

A hair closure is a small hairpiece ranging from 2-4 inches wide and 2-4 inches long which is used to replace the parting you will normally have out of your own hair. Frontals are from ear to ear and can range in length and width, this usually takes up the entire front portion of your hair. Closures and frontals are used to mimic ones scalp. According to different base material, hair closure is generally classified into lace closure and silk closure. Silk closure is more natural but lace is the most popular form. Not a significant difference.

Can I color my hair extensions/weaving hair?

All hair extensions can be colored and bleached to the highest color. Remember to treat your dyed hair, as your own. Take proper care and keep them moisturized.

What is the difference between weaving hair and extensions?

Extensions are applied strand by strand to the natural hair where as weave refers to synthetic or human hair used to change the appearance of someone’s hair by adding tracks in any method.

The hair extension method refers to synthetic or human hair being attached to the natural hair of a person with an adhesive, clip-ons, micro links or tape to lengthen the hair an add fullness.

What are hair extensions?

There are many variations to all of the techniques listed, a stylist will figure out what is best suitable for you. Hair extensions is the process of adding hair to your own hair by method of fusion (strand by strand), weaving, braiding, bonding, seamless, clip ins and more.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is the specification that all the hair scales are naturally oriented. The cuticles are pointing upwards and the tips are pointing downwards. This helps retain shine and straightness so the hair lasts much longer than any other conventional products on the market. The hair doesn’t undergo any harsh chemical treatments. We only offer Remy virgin human hair in straight.