About us

Her Pink Lust

Who are we?
At Her Pink LUST we take a different approach about how you see, feel and wear weaving hair and extensions. We recognize and appreciate that every woman is diverse and incredibly unique! All ranging from distinctive backgrounds.. all over the world and within that comes our aptitude for giving you quality above  anything else. We have a clear understanding that not all hair textures are the same but our natural and unprocessed virgin hair blends with all, whether you have thick, coarse hair, or silky and fine. I can assure you, once you install our hair.. it’ll look as if it sprouted out your scalp.
Why Her Pink Lust?
All of our hair is derived from the source. The grade is 7A and we will provide nothing less. It is unprocessed. virgin human hair. No gimics, no dyes, and what we ALL hate.. synthetic blends. We and our distributors strive to give our women the best quality of weaving hair and extensions to bring out that alter ego of lustful and playfulness that makes us feel amazing, vibrate and empowered! We can guarantee you the versatility, longevity and overall care, that others cannot. 
Something interesting about us..
Aside of all the beauty and fulfillment, also hardships that comes along with being a woman we are proud active donors to the Susan G. Komen foundation on the fight against breast cancer! We’ve made it our business to stand for something more than just hair but empowerment and we want all our beauties to embody it. All in all, you only look as good as you feel and we are thankful for the business that you give us, so we take a portion of that and pass the blessing on to finding.


Elasticity 80%
Volume 90%
Shine 70%
Softness 80%


Send all inquiries to info@herpinklusthair.com